National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Here are a few early letters and comments from a variety of sources that are related to the kinds of issues we cover on our web site. They'll represent a small percentage of those we've been sent since, but NAASCA wants to hear from you. This is a grassroots non profit effort, dedicated to bringing an end to the scourge of child abuse in America. Our primary mission is to help people get into recovery from their childhood experience. We encourage you to write us with your thoughts. We especially want to hear of your experience strength and hope.
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  Comments / Letters - write to us

We're eager to hear from you about our efforts at NAASCA. And what you say will help shape how we develop our web site, talk radio show and other non profit outreach.

Don't be shy .. and rest assured that we'll keep you anonymous if you request it.

Watch for a series of comments and your letters ..


(from NJ - Facebook, after hearing the SCAN talk show with Stacey Lannert, 02/10/12)
Loved listening to tonight's show with Stacy. You have the greatest show! :)

(from guest who appeared on SCAN talk show in 2012)
Greatly enjoyed being your guest Bill! Wonderful job that you do. I felt like I was just getting warmed up .. we didn't even get to my epiphany and subsequent year and a half of continually expanding miracles. Let's do it again!

(from NJ - Facebook, after calling in on the radio show)
I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you this evening on the show. It's a great program! Keep it up! God bless you, Bill. It was an honor being with you! I thank you!

(from Peter S Pellulo, Pennsylvania - "Let go .. Let Peace Come In" - appeared on SCAN talk show 01/30/12)
Thank you for the opportunity to speak, Bill, and I applaud all your good work and efforts! All the Best, Pete

(from Dreamcatchers - Facebook)
Bill~ Just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for all your hard work, advocacy and dedication to helping educate others on child abuse. You ARE making a difference & I am honored to be your friend!! :)

(from NV - Facebook)
It's a great show. Bill, God bless you for being so diligent in yours efforts. You're a remarkable people. Keep up the good work.

(from Kathleen Moore, Sacramento - "Army of Angels" - appeared on SCAN talk show 01/27/12)
I had a great time with you and the pannel last night on air Bill...thanks for having me...and for all your doing to promte Army Of Angels and National Child Abuse Prevention Month! Thank you so much Bill...I had a GREAT time!

(from several people - Facebook .. after listening to the on-demand SCAN show above)
  Just finished listening. Wonderful show
I loved it and am so inspired. I love helping Kathleen and being involved and can't wait to meet you Bill.
Terrific show!
Bill love your passion and the pannel. Kathleen you are soooooooooo knowledgeable and can you ever drive a point home!
Just finished listening to the entire show here. WOW...great job!

(from DR - Facebook)
I love what you all are doing. I love how you all are there for each other. You are all wonderful!

(from Carter Lee, Texas - appeared on SCAN talk show 12/28/11)
Check it out my friend, I quoted you in the new book trailer. Hope you are well today! - Trailer for the book When Jonathan Cried For Me by Carter Lee

(from MM - Branch Out)
Bill Murray's heart & mission to reach those broken by CSA inspires hope & healing. He lives what he teaches! Stop Child Abuse Now!

(from EM - Facebook)
The secret has always bothered me all my life. I always felt the secret added to my feelings of guilt and shame. I am almost obsessed with the idea of breaking the silence. My speaking out has cost me half my family who haven't spoken to me in 5 years. As heart breaking as that is, the freedom I feel by speaking out is beyond anything I could have imagined. The secret holds many back to this day.

(from HL - Facebook)
Well stated story on your talk show #63 (where Bill told his story for the first time). I wish you luck and succes in your work to help others.

(from LF - Facebook)
Thanks Bill! You are a fantastic host and I so appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about prevention and healing. You are a champion - thank you for being you.

(from PC - Facebook)
Lets pray for all children and do more to get LAWS passed that will be needed to prevent these crimes Thanks for being a voice for kids !! Wish more people were ..

(from SS - Facebook)
Great work your doing. I hope we can work together in the future. Take care.

(from EM - Facebook)
I love the idea of the blue ribbon. If everyone world wide could unite by simply wearing this we could bring much awareness and it would unite us all. I am aware lately that this process is much like religion. We all have the same goal yet have different journeys in accomplishing our goals. Each path is good and is necessary. Some go after the pedophile, some want to work with children while others work toward awareness. I have tried to fit in all categories but now know that my work is with adult survivors. Bless all of you who are working so diligently for the cause. Each of you really inspire me. Hugs

(from GR - Facebook)
Listened to your story and understand why you are doing what you do. I would like to collaborate with you on a project I feel needs to be done in the area of preventing child abuse of any kind, but especially sexual abuse.

(from Laura Fogarty, Charleston, SC - appeared on SCAN talk show 01/20/12)
Bill, Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to promote I'm the Boss of Me as well as allowing me to speak up and speak out on abuse and not only prevention but healing. I would love to contribute any time you may need a panelist or in some other capacity as you deem appropriate. Thank you for all you do and please keep me in mind to help out in your cause! Thanks and have a wonderful week, Lala : )

(from Larry Holmes, Easton PA - appeared on SCAN talk show 01/11/12)
Bill, Thank you for having Larry on your show. It's sad that we need such a show, but so happy there is one! Regards, Angel


SUBJECT: Open Letter about the Launch of Our New Non Profit, NAASCA
FROM: Bill Murray, 01/01/11
FROM: NAASCA founder

SUBJECT: An offer to help others who've suffered child abuse
Jessica Stevens, 03/07/11 -
FROM: NAASCA member, "Stop Child Abuse Now" (SCAN) radio talk show co-host

SUBJECT: What does 'child abuse' mean to you?
FROM: Anonymous, 03/08/11
FROM: LA activist (and friend of Bill)

SUBJECT: Dark Corners of Canadian History of Abuse
FROM: Ziggy Manzel, 03/21/11
FROM: Canadian friend

SUBJECT: DSM should include section on the long-term effects of severe abuse in childhood
FROM: Daisy, 02/08/13
FROM: New Mexico

SUBJECT: I am an Incest Survivor
FROM: Carolin, 02/18/13
FROM: NAASCA volunteer - United Kindom (London)

SUBJECT: Your web site saved my life
FROM: FL, 05/01/17
FROM: NAASCA family member




programs / projects
together we can heal
help stop child abuse
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